Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who is Scarlett?

Don't know if anyone is still reading here, but since I'm reading actual books this summer, I thought I'd take a minute to jot some things down.

Gone With the Wind:
OK, I know I'm possibly the last person in the universe to read this book, and I saw the movie twice before I actually got down to the business of reading it--but I REALLY loved the book. People (my husband, for instance) often talked to me about how they read it in only three days, or whatever, and I thought, wow, impressive, sort of--but there really is nothing else to do once the book is cracked but finish it.

So, I watched the movie after reading it, and suddenly the movie was no longer the charming thing it had once been for me. All the best parts were cut. Both Rhett and Scarlett were less despicable than they should have been. All the really politically incorrect parts were cut, as well as  2/3rds of the characters. What are you going to do with a thousand pages of material, I guess--but I'm picturing a remake. Wondering about Lily Collins as Scarlett.
Or maybe Camilla Belle?

Thought of Jude Law for Ashley Wilkes, but I can't decide if that's just because I chased Gone with the Wind with a re-screening of Cold Mountain (and now I remember why I thought that movie was stupid).

Who is the modern day Rhett Butler, though?

I was noticing some similarities in plot between GWTW and Downton Abbey--the cold hearted Scarlett cancels her sister's chances at finding love. The idea of the great house as a symbol of personal redemption. ... And Michele Dockrey came to mind as having Scarlett potential as well.

Anyhoo, now I'm reading another page-turner--Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. When this book came out, I thought I would be scandalized by it--but, alas-- I'm not. Fascinating. More later.