Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For All the Saints

My shelf of literature for children needs updating. (I no longer see kiddy bios of Martin Luther in quite the same light.)

Can anyone recommend beautiful books about saints, suitable for twins (aged nine) who put the "boys" in "boisterous"?


Middlemarch, oh dear, I found an audio series at the library a month ago, but not even the first tape has hit the player yet. I am a bad reading group member.


Melanie B said...

I'd recommend Amy Welborn's Kids Book of Saints and Kids Book of Heroes. The Kids Book of saints is organized based on what saints do: saints are people who love their families, who surprise others, who create, who see beyond the everyday, who travel far from home, who are strong leaders, who tell the truth, who help us understand God, who are brave, etc. The Book of Heroes is organized by virtue: faith, hope, charity, temperance, prudence, fortitude, justice. There's a great range of saints ancient and modern. Lots to appeal to for boys as well.

Otepoti said...

Thanks, Melanie.


Otepoti said...
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Emily J. said...

Not sure what age group you are thinking about but my kids have enjoyed the comic books about the saints by Pauline Press and others. They also like the 115 Saintly Fun Facts book. They have not been as big of fans of the Mary F Windeatt novels, but I make them read them anyway once a quarter or so.

I really like Tomie de Paola's books about Scholastica and Benedict and Our Lady of Guadalupe, and The Clown of God, even though it's not a saint book.

A friend had Ruth Sanderson's Saints: Lives and Illuminations which has really pretty pictures, but I haven't bought it because we have other books, not as well done.

Emily J. said...

I guess if I had read more closely - boisterous boys age 9 - might have jumped out more. One other book we have is a seek and find book "Can You Find Saints," one of a series.

MrsDarwin said...

When I was young we had these comic books about the lives of Pope John Paul II and St. Francis and St. Maximilian Kolbe which were very well done. I recently came across one about St. Benedict as well. They were gripping and the artwork was done in best comic book style. Wish I knew who published them.

Anonymous said...

Five of my nine children are boys, and I heartily recommend Joan Windham's Sixty Saints for Boys (and Sixty Saints for Girls too- boys like that as well). It's out of print but you can get used copies online.