Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Until We Read Until We Have Faces

Ladies, I made a big deal about how I'd waited to read Until We Have Faces with you all, and then Holy Week and Easter happened. What I'm saying is that it's still sitting pristine up on the mantel in my library. Life is going on at a tremendous pace -- on top of our own sorrows and joys we've had the sorrow and joy of the Church. And this weekend I'm going to the long-anticipated wedding of an old friend, before which all fiction pales. I will try to read this week and put up a post, but I don't know if I can make any guarantees.

So, feel free to discuss Until We Have Faces if you're ready to talk about it. But if you really want to help out a friend, recommend some shoes to go with this dress:

And do it fast. Because I only have until Saturday before I have to make a stunning impression on college friends I haven't seen in ten years.