Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Reading: Vogue Magazine

Technically, it's the September issue, but it had Kate Moss on the cover--apparently she got married recently--and I don't know why it seemed worth it to throw the mag in the cart at the check out counter just to see Kate Moss's wedding pictures. But it did seem worth it for some reason.

It wasn't, of course. Her dress was uninspiring. Her beau looks like kind of a hot dog. The flower girls were nymph-like and delightful, and her Cotswold Church idyllic. But why can't I believe in love for Kate Moss?

These are deep thoughts, I know. If I could be any guest at the wedding I'd be Daphne Guinness, just FYI.

I used to read good books. Here's the link for Suite Francais, though I think you did it better, Em.

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Enbrethiliel said...


I checked out the pictures because you linked to them, Betty, but they were completely eclipsed by the Vogue font. Seriously, as soon as I started reading the captions, I could smell the expensive, glossy paper. Now I want to know its name.

Anyway, I used to read good books, too. Ah, those golden days . . .