Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pilgrim's Progress

I thought you might appreciate a progress report. I went and visited a priest, a lifetime first, and have made contact with the RCIA co-ordinator for the diocese.

Pentimento has been kind enough to teach me the rudiments of the rosary. It's still a guilty pleasure to kneel and ask the help of a Mother, who, if everything you say about her is true, doesn't actually despise me.

I have written a letter to the Session of my church, outlining my decision and a few reasons, and have posted it, so currently I am waiting for the sky to fall. I will be visited with cake.

Additionally, there will be a church discipline process. I expect I might be asked to confer with my elder.

There will be many hurt feelings over this, since I haven't mentioned anything of my internal debates to my two closest friends, both church members. (I didn't feel I had the liberty to unsettle them with my struggles.)

There will also be family difficulties. While I still have three children at home (hence my haste in this process), and an unruffled atheist for a husband, I also have three grown and gone, two of whom are professed (Protestant) Christians. There will be words. May they be charitable ones.

I wish I could take off the bandage by tiny degrees, but time is short. If nothing else, our year of earthquakes has shown us that we can't boast of tomorrow.

Here's a link to a post I've found supremely helpful in overcoming that most Protestant of stumbling-blocks, our Lady's title of co-redemptrix.

In the Lord,



Emily J. said...

Prayers for your journey, Otepoti. Thanks for sharing - I hope you'll continue to tell your story. The portion you've described here makes me want to read the rest.

BettyDuffy said...

Yes, count on Rosaries from me too. I've always thought it would take such exceptional humility to convert to Catholicism. What I hear from friends who have converted is that they are constantly reevaluating things they always thought they knew.

Grace and peace be with you during this time.

Melanie B said...

Jocelyn, I'm praying for you.

Melanie B said...

Also, My friend Devin Rose wrote a book that you might find interesting. It's called If Protestantism is True and recounts his own journey from Protestant to Catholic and addresses some of the issues you've touched on. I've been reading it this week on my iPhone. The kindle version is only a couple of dollars. (I think you can read Kindle books online even if you don't have a Kindle or an iPhone?)

Anyway, I think he was the one who first pointed me to the Called to Communion website. I believe he knows some of the writers there.

It might not be your cup of tea at all, or it might be just the thing. I just felt an urge to mention it. Perhaps it isn't a coincidence that I'm reading that particular book just now.

Otepoti said...

Hi, Melanie,

Thanks for the book recommendation.

Actually Devin's name is very familiar to me, from the Called to Communion site.

I would never enter the discussion there (I haven't the intellectual chops) but I read the comments fairly carefully.

One thing that is deeply impressive to me is the careful, unruffled and irenic tone of the Catholic contingent there, Devin among them.

If you are in touch, you might pass on my Christian greetings, and thanks to all the CtC members. I am very grateful to God for their work.

In Christ,