Sunday, June 5, 2011

Peter Kreeft on Till We Have Faces

A reader shared a link on my blog to this Peter Kreeft lecture on Till We Have Faces. It's more than an hour long; but very worth it. I feel like several pieces clicked into place for me. The interplay between Christianity and the pagan myth, the role of the Trinity. And what Ungit is all about. Actually, by the end of the Q&A session at the end of the talk I was in tears. So I thought I'd throw it out there if anyone is interested.

I am not making any progress on The Moviegoer, alas. I just don't think I'm in the mood for Walker Percy right now. I was hopeful; but I don't think it's going to happen.

And I suppose it's my turn to pick a book for June, right?

Anyone want to read Sigrid Undset's Catherine of Siena

Or a biography of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frasatti

Or Women, Sex and The Church: A Case for Catholic Teaching by Erika Bachiochi?

Or Pope Benedict's Light of the World


BettyDuffy said...

Any of those sound good to me!

Otepoti said...

Whatever you like best. And thanks for the prayers.

Emily J. said...

Hmm, I'm going to vote for Light of the World because I own it, but I would like to read the Undset most and second most the Frassati although the biography we have is a Pauline Press children's copy. My son wrote a paper on him just before school finished and used your husband's website, Melanie! Hope some of Frassati's virtues will rub off on my son.

In other news, I am about halfway through The Moviegoer. This is my third go around, but I'm finding it a completely different book. Lots of notes and underlinings from the second time I read the book for Grace Starry West's Myth class at UD no longer have significance. (I love her name so I have to use it.) But this time, although Binx's ennui is more familiar, it's more frustrating. Because I see myself in the crowd of those in despair? Or because I just want to give him a shake? On the other hand, now that I know these places - Bay St. Louis: site of snobby coffee shop; church in Biloxi with worn doors; crowded ferry to Ship Island - just rode it Thursday!(Why don't these well endowed women in their too small suits wear coverups that cover-up instead of expose in front of my preteen boys?) Fishing piers, suburban developments outside New Orleans, craziness of Mardi Gras parade season. .. now that these are familiar, I am experiencing what Binx calls a repetition - or certification? I'm confusing terms. Back to reading.

Otepoti, blessings on your search. You must be experiencing the vitality Binx is grasping for in the process of such a critical decernment. May the earthquakes be muted. I hope we can find an affordable flight from Guam to New Zealand if it doesn't crack in half.

Otepoti said...

That's more likely than you know, Emily. We had an earthquake, November 2009, that moved us one foot closer to Australia!

mrsdarwin said...

I really wanted to read The Moviegoer, but it wasn't among the Percy the previous owners left on the shelves, and my local library doesn't have it. Or anything. I miss my Texas library.

I'm ashamed of my lack of leadership on Till We Have Faces, so I'll humbly defer to the crowd on next month's read. Betcha I won't find it, whichever it is, in my local library.

Emily J. said...

Mrs. D - do you think there exists some kind of lending library online? Kind of like Netflix for books? I guess buying a 99 cent book on Amazon doesn't phase most people but I am afraid to let books in the house that may not leave. Library books are great because they have to move on, but I have a hard time getting rid of even the most sorry torn and taped tomes that I have taken ownership of. Does anyone know of an online lending library? Or want to start one?

Melanie B said...

I'm being such a waffler right now. I guess I'm leaning toward the Frassati because it's the one I actually have cracked open right now. But if Light of the World is easier to get, then I could start that. I pulled the Frassati off the shelf in part because Dom does have a huge devotion to him (hence the website, Emily. So cool to hear your son found it.) We've even got a relic that Pier Giorgio's niece sent to Dom so I felt like I should get to know him better. But I also find his story rather fascinating. I read the other book his sister wrote about his last days last year and it was gripping in a quiet, understated way.

Emily, is the closest thing I can think of. Basically you list books you want to give away and ask for books that other people have listed. It operates on a point system. You only pay for shipping of the books you send off. You could treat it like a lending library but because it operates on supply and demand the book you want isn't always available and there's no guarantee anyone will want the books you're offering.

Also, although I never took a class with her, Grace Starry-West (I also love the name!) was my adviser my freshman year (when I was briefly a classics major) and was the primary reason I switched to English. I was on the fence but her scattered advisory technique scared me off. I couldn't imagine four years of her. After that I drifted around the English dept. I think Dr Dupree was my official adviser after that; but I got several different people to sign off on my schedules.