Saturday, January 8, 2011

I must be here to fulfill some kind of quota

I think what happened here is that Betty, MrsDarwin, and Melanie decided to remediate my poor reading habits as documented elsewhere, and the rest of you took pity upon me. Or else you didn't know that I snuck in with a fake ID, I don't know.

I've been blogging for so long (HI ENBRETHILIEL REMEMBER ME?) that I can't imagine the world really needs to know much more about me, but I see that the protocol is to write a contributor bio. So.

I've wanted to be a writer and a teacher my whole life. Something along the lines of saving the world through writing a lot of things in its general direction, or something. And yet I managed to go through my entire undergraduate education without taking a single English/Lit class. I find this shameful and consider it an indictment of the AP program in this country. I also am really good at skimming.

Anyway, so now I write about teaching, and teach at people if they will hold still for long enough. I read constantly but a lot of it is either online news and commentary (cough: blogs) or textbook/nonfiction reading. I also have terrible, terrible book amnesia. Did I mention I am here as a charity case?

It appears that we are supposed to reveal our Texas connections so I will say: I currently live in Texas. I am not from Texas. (But Texas wants me anyway).

I'm from a college town in Georgia - I guess you could say I'm a southern expat. I loved growing up around University People. University People were the smartest, tweediest, most unironically hip people in the world, and I was sure I would join their ranks until I got a little sidetracked. Which is okay, because I think I'm more suited to hopping from one interest to another rather than focusing on a particular area of study. That's what I tell myself.

So, thanks to you all for your hospitality, and tell me what to do next.


Enbrethiliel said...


Ha! I don't just remember you, but I also remember when you had a different name!!!

And having written that, I'm feeling the kind of melancholy that only Auld Lang Syne can usually evoke . . . ;-)

Emily J. said...

Welcome, Dorian! Good to have you here.