Friday, December 3, 2010

"Parched" by Heather King

Parched it is. And I'm sure all of you already read her blog, but if not please check out Shirt of Flame.

...Would like some Divine Intoxication myself.

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dylan said...

hello Betty Duffy (and everyone else) --

I just finished Parched, of especial interest as it mentions sites familiar to any Bostonian, and let me say that it is quite the read. Compelling is a mild word to describe the inexorable magnetism that this memoir exerted on this reader.

And I have just begun reading her second book, Redeemed. I begin to think that if Ms King's books were in wider circulation, she could be a more effective evangel to this generation than Thomas Merton was to his. It sounds like overpraise, but I mean it sincerely. Only someone who has been to hell and back can convincingly point the way to heaven.