Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Song for Nagasaki?


Anonymous said...

OK by me.


Emily J. said...

I checked it out from the library two weeks ago and read a couple chapters and then got distracted. So last night I read another couple of chapters. I left off when Takashi is just starting to read Pascal after his mother's death. I was struck by how his scientific training ironically leads him toward Christianity by introducing him to Pascal and how his love for Japanese poetry leads him to give deeper credence to his intuition that there was more to his mother's last glance than what his medical professors would have had him believe. At the end of the chapter he is describing how old lace makers used to make complicated pieces of lace from one long thread to make the analogy that something that looks complicated to others can be simple to the one who made it. When I was reading it last night, it seemed ponderously profound, but now I can't exactly express why. Time for bed and another couple chapters.