Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Liar's Club again

Finished Liar’s Club just before company arrived for the long weekend. Was talking about the book with my sister-in-law, and she said “Wait is that by the same author as a book called Cherry? I loved that book.” Did you finish it, Otepoti?

Liked this last quote. It stood out after the discussion about the stories we tell about ourselves in the last thread.

“All the black crimes we believed ourselves guilty of were myths, stories we’d cobbled together out of fear. We expected no good news interspersed with the bad. Only the dark aspect of any story sank in. I never knew despair could lie… It’s only looking back that I believe the clear light of truth should have freed us, like the legendary grace that carries a broken body past all manner of monsters. I’m thinking of the cool terminal of white light the spirit might fly into at death, or so have reported after coming back from various car wrecks and heart failures and drowning, courtesy of defibrillator paddles and electricity, or after some kneeling samaritan’s breath was blown into stalled lungs so they could gasp again. Maybe such reports are just death’s neurological fireworks, the brain’s last light show. If so, that’s a lie I can live with.”

(I copied this in the car on a scrap paper, so now I’m not sure I copied all the words correctly. Apologies for mistakes.)

So what’s on for September? Whose turn is it to pick?


BettyDuffy said...

I believe it's Melanie's turn. Are you up for it Melanie?

Pentimento said...

I have the Liars' Club out of the library now but am just a few pages in. Your quote, Emily, reminds me a little of a propitious quote I saw on the Facebook page of a Korean soprano, the friend of a friend. I copied it down. She wrote:

"There is no good and bad story. Every story has God in it, and my struggle thus my dignity [sic]. Denying my story is denying my self. As a result, I cannot live without who-I-am unless freed by the Holy Spirit, who gives the power and the authority."

That kind of blew me away.

Melanie B said...

Sorry for the slow response. I started to type a comment in response on Thursday and the page wouldn't load. That's when I realized our internet was out.

But during the time we had no connectivity, I finished Lit, which I'd picked up at the library on Wednesday. So I'm going to go back and read those discussions and catch up. I think that like many of you I'd like to go back and read her previous memoirs.

My turn again already? I guess it is. Let me think.