Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kiwi and Brie

Thanks, Pentimento, for steering us to Mary Karr. I found the poetry collection and all three memoir volumes at the library.

I expected to have to reserve, and wait and wait, but no. That saddens me, because books as good as these shouldn't be on the shelf, to the left of Kerouac, to the right of Ginsberg and under Atwood and Capote. They should be zinging around with the velocity of a squash ball, getting thumbmarks and food stains.

I've started with Lit, because I didn't know any better, not having registered Mary Karr before. (I live a sheltered life.)

There's a heap of gorgeous stuff here - Dev's take on the necessity of the crucifixion - "It's like Pulp Fiction - what else would get our attention?" alone is worth gold. There's also Janice's remark on the value of kneeling in prayer - "It makes you the right size" (or words near that; I'm writing in a hurry here, because the possums have gone to the playground with their older brother, and I have a scant half-hour before the blitz starts again.) But what got my laugh, for obvious reasons, was the privileged preschool child and his kiwifruit and brie sandwich, "I first had this sandwich in Vienna."

Kiwifruit are school lunchbox material here, folks. Mothers stuff them down their children as fast as they can, because they're so much cheaper than oranges and have twice the vitamin C. (And are sovereign against constipation, too, in case your children have not gorged enough to find out.)

We tried the Brie and Kiwi combo at lunch. "Baby-foody" was the verdict. So we urge you all to stand proud in your great tradition of peanut-butter-and-jelly, the sammy Dev was getting instead of B & K. Gourmet food is just peasant food with a plane ticket.

Anyway, wasn't peanut butter invented (or at least promoted) by Booker T Washington? (No. George Washington Carver, apparently. Close but no cigar.) That's another reason it's a great food.

Thanks again for this book choice, Pentimento.


Enbrethiliel said...


And now I'm really feeling bad that I won't get to read it this month . . . but I guess I'll have something to look forward to, when it finally becomes available here?

Pentimento said...

E, maybe you should start with Liar's Club, as Janet suggested. I'm going to that one next.

BettyDuffy said...

I'm doing the Liar's Club now and really enjoying it.

Enbrethiliel said...


The Liar's Club is available, so I thin I'll do just that. =)

Pentimento said...

I have it on hold at the library -- amazing how popular it still is fourteen years after publication. I tried to mooch it on BookMooch and there were something like 900 people waiting ahead of me.

Since almost no one seems to be reading Lit, I wonder if we should just switch our discussion to the Liars' Club?

Janet said...

In case anyone is interested, there is an audio version of Liars' Club. It's abridged, but it's read by Karr and I liked hearing her read it.