Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank You

Thank you all for indulging me this month, as I renewed my acquaintance with Joseph and Baxter. It has been wonderful for me and I hope it has been interesting for you.

By way of an epilogue, here is one last poem from Baxter, again a devotional. I think it is interesting how close it comes to ordinary prayer, drawing on the Scriptural images that the Lord gives us, the better to understand Him. The best prayer is poetry, and vice versa.

Song to the Lord Jesus James K. Baxter

Lord Jesus, you are like the sun in the sky,
The light shining in our darkness
So that we ourselves can become the light.

Lord Jesus, you died in pain on the cross,
You rose again from the dead.
Now you live within us,
You live our lives and die our deaths with us.

Lord Jesus, all that is in heaven belongs to you,
All things that are on earth.
Send your Spirit like a river of clear water
Flowing through our hearts.

Lord Jesus, you are the house and we are the timber,
You are the vine and we the branches.
Send your Spirit so that the vine may flower,
Heal in us whatever is at fault.


Te whakapaingia o to tatou Ariki, ko Ihu Karaiti, ki a tatou katoa, ake ake ake, amine. (The blessing of the Lord Jesus be to us all, now and forever, Amen.)


Emily J. said...

This reads like a song. I imagine your closing blessing sounds like a song when spoken, too. I wish I could hear you speak it. Thanks, Otepoti.

BettyDuffy said...

I've enjoyed this month tremendously. Thanks, O, for the marvelous reads and translations.