Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dear Old Aunt

Sorry, folks, a family situation has blown up which will take all my time for the next month or so.

My aunt (78) has been in hospital with a stroke and while we were looking after her affairs, we found that she is in a very bad way for money.

At the moment, we are planning for her to move in here with us, while we sort out her affairs. This will also be the safest thing for her, health-wise. She's a bit wobbly since the stroke.

So I regret that I'll be unable to sort out any NZ reading for you, but if you do find any James K. Baxter or M.K. Joseph on the net, they are both well worth reading.

Every blessing to you all.


Enbrethiliel said...


I still have some old student notes from the paper "God and the Poets: Christian Traditions in English Poetry" (or something like that). There was a whole section on James K. Baxter and a few poems by M.K. Joseph as well. If the others still want to go this route, I can scan these readings for everyone.

But don't let my English major background fool you: I'm not much of a reading guide when it comes to New Zealand poetry.

Enbrethiliel said...


PS--And of course I forget to say the most important thing, which is that my prayers will be with your family, Jocelyn!

Otepoti said...

Oh, thank you. I do covet your prayers. If you would be able to post those, that would be a terrific start. I could add some notes from my perspective.

I was trying to find my real copies to type in some of the best ones, but I can't find either of them ATM.

We uncovered another $1000 dollars' worth of unpaid accounts today...


Otepoti said...

That is, post the poems, not (necessarily) the prayers :-)

Thank you very much Enbrethiliel.

(Is that a Lord of the Rings name?)

Enbrethiliel said...


It's a Tolkienesque name, at least. =) Thanks to Middle-earth name generators, anyone can be an elf! =P

Strangely, I don't have as much Baxter as I remember. (Maybe I just need to recall where I stored the rest. I have seven of the Jerusalem Sonnets, Haere Ra, three poems from Autumn Testament, Te Whiori o te Kura, He Waiata o Hemi, and of course, The Maori Jesus.