Friday, April 16, 2010

Book review link

Another off topic post here - I'm not far enough into Absalom, Absalom yet (just picked it up yesterday) to comment, but this review in the Wall Street Journal did its job in piquing my interest in Muriel Spark.  I've only read two of her stories: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, which didn't captivate me as it has some, and Memento Mori, a story of dying geriatrics, which I did enjoy.  Anyone have other recommendations?


BettyDuffy said...

Funny. I read an article on her LAST NIGHT in Harpers. She's apparently making the rounds--new biography out on her.

I've got a book of her stories I've never read, so I've put her on my list alongside Mary Karr. Prime of Miss JEan Brodie looks interesting. Shirley Hazzard too.

mrsdarwin said...

The May of Teck Club, definitely. Prime of Miss Jean Brodie was interesting, but I liked May of Teck better.

mrsdarwin said...
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Steven Riddle said...

Hi Emily--

I very much enjoyed _A Far Cry from Kensington_, _The Girls of Slender Means_, _The Finishing School_, _The Abbess of Crewe_, and _Not to Disturb_--this last being the blackest of a long line of black comedies that Ms. Spark excels at. Of these, I think it was _A Far Cry from Kensington_ that I liked best.