Sunday, February 14, 2010

Interrupting Brede for a Moment...

To discuss syllabus selection (and I'm going to continue to call it a 'syllabus' even though we are more or less a book club, because I like the way it sounds).

Question: Now that we have made it through one cycle of everyone choosing a book, do you want to continue choosing books under that model?

Another option is to hash out the upcoming year's reads in one fell swoop (i.e. Now).

Yet another option would be to take turns being a "Benevolent Dictator" whereby the group can discuss monthly some potential reads, and the BD can choose from the books on the table based on what she thinks the group could most benefit from reading. This model has the advantage of not putting too much pressure on the book chooser for the month (not wanting to displease the group with a selection out of left field), and also of creating a reading list with some continuity while, at the same time, giving us the time to let the list evolve.

If we go with the Benevolent Dictator model for instance, I would consider the Rule of Saint Benedict for next month's read because it goes with our current discussion. If the group tabled a couple other books that make a good follow up to Brede, I would choose from those tabled.

What do you think?


mrsdarwin said...


I support the Benevolent Dictator model, because I'd love to see the suggestions of everyone else on what we should read next. Also, I'm game for the Rule of St. Benedict, which I love!

Melanie B said...

I think that a benevolent dictator may be exactly what this group needs.

I'd be happy with the Rule of Saint Benedict for next month.

Emily J. said...

Maybe since it's Lent, we could follow the will of the people and read the Rule of St. Benedict (any version? I have two different abridged versions - haven't searched for an online version.) And then Dictator Duffy could pick something else for April?