Monday, October 26, 2009

Peace or Prosperity?

Just finished reading the part where Ulf advises Kristin to tame Erlend on the squandering of his property. He's just sold off a portion of his land (which was promised to her at her betrothal) in order to purchase another ship. Kristin refuses to do anything, because she and the children have just recovered from sickness (when Orm was lost), and Erlend had spent so much time by her bedside proving to her that he still loves her. There's peace in their marriage for the first time in years, and she doesn't want to sully it by scolding him over his poor decision-making. She's become aware that her husband is not respected by his peers, but she has made a bargain with herself: For the moment, she's chosen peace in her marriage over prosperity.

For conversation's sake, do you think this is a fair bargain? Should she be more concerned at this point about the futures of her children, and say, what they should eat next winter, or about keeping peace in her marriage?

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