Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Betty suggested I introduce myself to the group, so here goes...

I was born and raised in Austin, Texas, the oldest of four children. I received my BA in English at the University of Dallas. In 2000 I moved to Massachusetts to get my MA in Literature (focus in Irish Studies) at Boston College.

For complicated reasons I settled in Salem, MA, where I met my husband, Dom, at Mass one Sunday. We married in 2005 and now have three children: Isabella, 3; Sophia, 17 months; and Benedict, 1 month. We also have a baby, Francis, who miscarried at about 10 weeks. In November we took the plunge into home ownership and moved to the other side of Boston in the process.

After I got my MA, I taught composition and literature for a while at local colleges. I gave that up after I got pregnant and have been enjoying the unemployed life ever since. (I won't say I don't work, though I do try to avoid it whenever possible.)

As a former teacher, I'm very opinionated about education, which is why I plan to homeschool our brood. If they hadn't invented homeschooling, my life as a mother would be one long fight with educational professionals who just don't get it and aren't as qualified to teach my kids as I am.

As you might suspect with two degrees in literature, I'm a bookworm. Nuff said.

I stumbled into blogging more or less by chance, never intending to have an audience beyond family and friends. (Which is why I don't use pseudonyms for myself or the kids; that ship sailed long before I really thought about all the possible ramifications.) I've been wonderfully surprised that my blog has been the vehicle for meeting all sorts of new friends. Some of whom, like the Darwins, I've even had the pleasure of meeting in person.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your group, I look forward to meeting everyone and engaging in good conversation about good books.

And now the baby is awake and needs his diaper changed, so I'l just have to leave it at that.



Emily said...

Hi Melanie, welcome! Another UD connection: I did an MA there in IPS and the two Kates both did their BAs there. A great place.

Otepoti said...

Hi, Melanie, Nice to meet you. I have dropped in on your Wine Dark Sea blog once or twice (a friend of Homer's is a friend of mine).


Melanie B said...

Emily, always nice to meet fellow UDers.

Otepoti, You're one of the few (sadly) to get the reference.

Otepoti said...

D'oh! ;-)