Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beginning Kristin

Ok, folks, I just took the book out of the library, and I assume it's the trilogy, because it runs to 800 pp. So I think, what with


and all,

(pauses and waits for cries of "No! Really? You look MUCH too young to be a grandmother!" - but not a sausage)

that reading the first volume only might be a realistic target for one month.

I've started reading it, and apart from the strange new nomenclature, it reads pleasantly and easily, which is a relief, because I am such a lazy reader, and rarely move out of my comfort zone. Would anyone be up for a rereading of the Moomin books after this? Cause they're the only other works of Northern literature I've read...

Best to you all


Pentimento said...

Otepoti, you not only LOOK much too young to be a grandmother . . . you ARE an extremely young grandmother!

I want to jump back in on Kristin, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to. I'm under the stone of Sisyphus just now.

mrsdarwin said...

Aw, congratulations on the grandbaby! Is is a girl or boy?

I'm waiting for my copy to arrive, so I'll jump in as soon as it pops up in my mailbox -- maybe today, according to Amazon.

Betty Duffy said...

Congratulations, Granny Otepoti! A very young granny indeed.

Glad to get started on Kristin. On the nomenclature, I ended up calling her mother Rnnnnfnnnnd through the whole book.

Emily said...

Congratulations, Otepoti! Although I think I missed your picture, your posts always sound youthful!

I just checked a Moomintroll book out from the library for my kids, but not one seemed interested in it. Maybe I'll give it a look. I just remember my mom trying to get my brother to read it. He only read baseball cards.