Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anna Petersdatter und Eleanor Iainsdatter

Why, yes, of course I have some pictures. Why, I'd be delighted to show them to you. (I just knew you were going to ask...)

Eleanor May Begg, 22 August, 8lb 11oz, born at her home in Christchurch. This was taken on her first day.

Her mother is my daughter Anna, 23 (even though she looks about 16.)

Everybody blow them a kiss, now -



mrsdarwin said...

Lovely, lovely! I think Eleanor is a fabulous name, and not just because I chose it for my oldest daughter, Eleanor Brendansdottir.

Melanie B said...

Many kisses. Congratulations, she's beautiful.

Betty Duffy said...

Just beautiful!

Pentimento said...


Emily said...

Blessings on all! Eleanor looks awfully tiny for nearly 9 lbs! What a cute nose!