Saturday, August 8, 2009

And another thing

So last night my husband and I watched Juno. I'd heard mixed reviews, but found myself loving it. Yes, it's crude, and the potential adoptive father was smarmy, but I loved June's parents and her comments on pregnancy. I thought it was a great pro-life witness, but would you encourage your teenagers to watch this? Any thoughts?


Otepoti said...

oh, yes. Wish I had. And on other good things sent to us courtesy of the US MSM, I wish I'd watched, by myself, in private, even ONE episode of Sex in the City, and then I'd have known what nonsense was being fed to teens of a vulnerable age. It would have saved a power of trouble. (Sigh.)

bettyduffy said...

Ooh, I watched Sex in the City in the middle of the night at the hospital after my last delivery. Couldn't sleep and baby wouldn't stop nursing. What an education! Aside from the raunchiness, I couldn't get over how stupid all the characters were. People like this????

On Juno, I'd say teenage girls, yes. Not sure I could see Joe watching though he's soon to be a teenager. Though in another year things could look very different.