Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Next Book!

Any day now, I'm going to post my parting thoughts on the Aeneid...any day now. And if anyone else has parting shots, I mean thoughts, to make, please do.

Until then, Emily, who does not have regular access to a computer asked if I'd let everyone in on the next book. So here it is:


Just kidding.

"Silence" by Shusaku Endo

I'm really looking forward to this one, though I would also have enjoyed Merton or Greene. But Greene says of Silence: "In my opinion one of the finest novels of our time." Not a bad blurb, that.


Betty Duffy said...

P.S. You all might be thinking of what book you might choose on your turn so that we can plan ahead.

Betty Duffy said...

Are we all still in this thing? Has anyone dropped?

I hope not.

mrsdarwin said...

I'm still in, though I kind of dread reading Silence. I flipped through it when I worked at Big Corporate Bookstore and it seemed like a bit of a downer. Still, one shouldn't judge a book by one browsing in the aisle.

Ruedubac said...

I'm still in! And I'll start reading tonight... if it will let me off finishing the Aeneid.

Betty Duffy said...

Did anyone finish the Aeneid? I'm down to the last two books. War has been going on for a LONG TIME. But I guess he does sing of warfare.

mrsdarwin said...

I read the Aeneid years ago, so I begged off the last books... Laziness or efficient use of time? You decide.

Pentimento said...

Awesome, I have this one and I will try to join you all.