Wednesday, June 10, 2009

General Business

I was thinking that we should go ahead and choose another book. Emily is next alphabetically. And actually if you all have ideas in mind for your selections, why don't we go ahead and lay out the upcoming reads, so if people need to sit out a book, they can go on to the next one when they get a chance.

I'm thinking we should wrap up the Aeneid within the next two weeks--if we even need that long.

I didn't find much that grabbed me in Books IV and V. They did some olympics and burned their boats and set out again yadda yadda.

I was in Texas visiting with Ruedebac and my brother, and we laughed a bit about how after all Aeneas has been through when he arrives in Carthage, and he's so tired, and his friends are all dead, his feasting and story telling still goes on for something like 200 pages. And everything he does is everything that Odysseus did on the way home from the Trojan war as well. Is Virgil just trying to prove that Trojans do it better? (sounds like a condom ad).

Anyway, someone pick a juicy book for our next read.


Otepoti said...

Behind, but running to catch up.

I liked the sports bit. Prior to 24/7 sportscasting, we'd STILL have had plenty of opportunity to be bored to tears.

Favourite moment - Anna bending over Dido to breathe in her dying breath.

Yeah, I'm morbid.

Betty Duffy said...

I liked that part too, the Anna part, but not the sports part. Bored is right. It was like what? olympics in the middle of a harrowing journey?

My sister is on her way to Indiana at the moment and in the middle of a move. I'll ask her if she wants to choose the next book. She might want to skip her turn for the moment.

Ruedebac said...

Yes, most of the sports part was boring, but I laughed out a few times during the whole Entellus passage - showing off his gauntlets... calling himself age-slowed and then throwing off his mantle to show off his muscles and make Dares quietly try to back out the fight... killing his hard-won, snow-white bull by exploding its skull with a punch. That was some funny stuff.

Also, what was with the favored competitors of each sport getting tripped up by Fate into last place? I'm waiting for that to come up again later.