Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Kate.

Hello all.
I'm Kate. Mother of two little rascals (one and three). There seems to be a Texas connection as well as the Catholic. So my claim to that thread is that I married a Texan after I met and fell for him at UD. We actually left the state for a couple of years, only to be called back about two years ago. I am very much at home here. Interestingly enough, my entire family (less one brother and his wife and girls) have immigrated to Texas from our original roots in the midwest. I think most of my siblings stayed after their time at UD (Does anyone know the Stirtons??)
Anyway, my life has been filled with typical at-home stuff. I'm attempting the beginnings of home-schooling by formally teaching my son to read. My social outlets are sometimes more bountiful than I desire them to be (which is ironic, b/c I was completely isolated in those few years out of state and praying for good friends). I'm always looking for ways to be productive and in particular, prevent getting stupid for lack of brain usage. So thank you for this lovely group.
Oh- just a disclaimer: My husband just took a job in which he will be working out of an office at home. I might be a crappy contributor until I get the whole "keep a handle on the children while Daddy tries to work" thing down. I have a feeling that the amount of noise that I've learned to block out may not impress clients on the other end of a phone conversation. I'm also new to blogging. I'll try to keep up.


Otepoti said...

Hi, Kate. It's very cool to meet you in cyberspace.

The best thing about this discussion is that it will be quite liberated from restrictions of time and place - the basis of its attraction to me, as well as you.

What is UD? University of umm, Dallas, maybe?

One and three is a spectacularly busy time - all the best with that.



Mrs. Buckles said...

Kate - Welcome! Coincidentally, but then again, maybe not with all the Texas connections, but I do know Katie Stirton, but not well - she was roommates with our cousin, at UD, which would be Univ of Dallas, Otepoti. Good guess! It is a small Catholic liberal arts school, despite its name, which suggests large, technical state school.