Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Betty's Sister

This is going to be fun!

Since my name is on the list as Emily, I guess I'll forego the pseudonym and stick with that. I'm older than Betty by a small margin and so got the top bunk growing up. Now I'm happy to cede to her, as I can't make decisions anymore. I daily referee arguments about who's touching whom and whose stuff and try to teach math facts in between the arguments presented by the offending/offended parties. Perhaps the last big decision I made was four years ago when I decided to home school after feeling like I was spending too much time arguing with my children about doing their homework. Now I'm thinking about giving up home schooling next year because I spend too much time arguing with my children about doing their homework. But I still like reading kids' books and don't like the idea of paying tuition, so I'm foregoing decision making for the moment. Somehow in the last four years, my oldest reached adolescence and my youngest, added to the mix halfway through, also reached pre-adolescence and fights with me about jeans, sunglasses, and nailpolish. In between those 2 are 4 others, the gender breakdown being 4 boys and 2 girls. My second to youngest may be Evel Kneival reincarnated. Like Sally, we also have a menagerie, but not so exotic as hers: a dog, 2 guinea pigs, a rabbit and a hermit crab, who shed 2 days ago and hasn't moved since. We killed off a few other species before settling in with these.

Currently we live in the southeast in a large military town (do I need to be secretive?) and we are moving in a month to the deep south to a small military town, even if we can't sell our house. My heart lies in the midwest, although one of the blessings of moving around has been making wonderful friends each place we've lived. I still have fondness for my alma mater back in the heartland, where I grew to love my faith and my husband, even though it has been under attack lately for betraying its heritage.

What else? I'm excited about this online reading group because I'll be leaving behind 2 book clubs here, one big C Catholic, one little c. I need a little discipline to return to good/great books, instead of reading just fine books. And I'm happy to have already learned something - where the name Otepoti orginates!

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Otepoti said...

Hi Emily - homeschooling - more power to your elbow, as we say. Do Americans say that?

All the best with that house move. It's supposed to be very stressful, so take it easy, though I expect if you're a military family (?) you'll already be well-used to the pack/unpack routine.

Nice to meet you (Otepoti gives a cyberhug, since she is pretty sure that the traditional hongi would give a bit of a surprise. (It's a nose press greeting!)