Tuesday, May 19, 2009

About to change my display name

I thought of using "Laboure" (my patron saint) as my handle - but I'm opting instead for the street on which she lived.

I've pretty much summed up myself already - I'm young and as a result my bio is neither extensive nor interesting. But I'll elaborate where I can. After college, we moved Way Up North while my husband went to law school, then back south after he finished. I've always lived down here (except for a European semester in college), so I constantly missed the sun and sky while we were away. And if my gratitude at having them back did not bake away in the Texas summer last year, I don't expect it to do so this year either.

I did a year of law school, too, but I like regulation and order too much to appreciate the legal education/profession, the point of which is to manipulate regulation and order. (This was a huge epiphany to me during our first semester in school. But most people to whom I've explained it since seem to find it obvious, so probably I should have known from the beginning that it wouldn't be the best grad school endeavor.)

So I quit school and started my current job of child-having and -rearing. Which, ironically, is even further from order/regulation... but still I'm (usually) happy with my chaotic life with my boys. I still miss school, though, and I'm hopeful that this group will be a fulfilling source of structured study. I enjoy always having 'something' that I'm working on, and so I'm also looking forward to RFB as an ongoing project that doesn't involve anything spread out across the living room -nothing but me with my book, anyway- which I think my husband will appreciate as well.

My son is hungrily whining in my face requesting a snack. This most likely will need to be an evening project for me.

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Emily said...

Ok, so I guess I can change my name; I'll try to figure it out...